Healthy Hair!

Healthy Hair!

Healthy Hair starts with our Glam Growth Drops. Achieve healthy hair in just 2 weeks.

Well Oiled

You may have heard that Jamaican Black Castor Oil settles an upset stomach but that's just one of its many claimed benefits. When it comes to incorporating the versatile potion into your beauty routine, the perks may be plentiful. 

Grown & Maintain Our HG hair drops have Jamaican Black Oil which makes the hair grow and combination with other organic oils used in our special formulation. The Jamaican Black Castor Oil is one of our main ingredients. It has omega-9 which is excellent for hair retention. I call it the five wonders because it detoxifies, seals and repairs, strengthens and protects the hair. 

Get Lovely Lashes  Our HG hair drops also grows out lashes. The good news is that applying mascara is a great way to make eyelashes look fuller. The bad news is the results are temporary. HG hair drops are the solution, we have properties that strengthen the hair and protect them from shedding which could help lashes appear more voluminous over time.


Get Hair Glam'd, you won't regret it!


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