Haircare Products

Haircare Products

Haircare Products designed to nourish and revitalize your hair! 

Salon Service

Formally trained at the Whitehaven High School Cosmetology program under Mr. Hymon and "The Paul Mitchell Cosmetogolgy school". Natalie currently spearheads her brand, at the illustrious "Hollywood Salon Suites" in Dallas, Texas working as the face and founder of HairGlam'd!

Natalie utilizes her 17 years of experience to deliver elegance, refinement, and innovation with the genuine belief that “Your hair can only glam with true love and care!"

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Volume, Length, & Beautiful Looks

Our Extensions will give you the hair of your dreams!

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Protect Your Natural Hair!

Our Organic haircare products are designed to protect, grow, & nourish your hair regardless of if your style is worn natural, underneath a wig, or with our premium quality extensions!

A New Level of Haircare Standards:

All Natural Ingredients with Organic Results

Strengthen Your hair instead of weakening it!

Our products are designed to nourish your hairs without any negative effects on its health from an over concentration of alcohol like you find in most off the shelf relaxers.

Reduced Breakage

Stress-Free Treatments reduce breakage!

Essential Oils

Our products enhance rather than strip away essential oils which protect hair strands against corrosion damage from salt pores and other pollutants!

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