Keep It Cute

Keep It Cute

Keep it Cute Boo, the Do’s on how to keep your extensions: POPPIN’

1. Washing Your Extensions

Your extensions do not need to be washed as often as you would wash your natural hair because they shouldn’t have been applied directly to your scalp. Close but not directly on the scalp. However just like your natural hair you have build up from the oils applied to keep your extensions looking healthy or the hair sprays used for curling. This means that you will need to wash when there has been an accumulation of chemical in them.

2. Coloring Your Extensions

You should definitely buy hair extensions that match your hair color to reduce the need to color or dye the extensions, since they’ll blend in perfectly. But If you’re like me and must go Beyonce blonde for the Summer but your hair was just jet black for the Spring it’s always a good idea to go to a salon and have an experienced stylist do it post install or after! This is what they do! Don’t be cheap! Cause it will cost you in the long run baby! 

3. Watch the product use

The saying…………… less is best applies here! The less product you use the longer the life span of your extensions! Again, watch all the oils you use. A dab *dabs* will work. Watch all the curling and holding spray! opt for flexi- rods to achieve the look you want instead of a curling iron or try an already curled texture if you know you are going to want curly hair often.

Moral of the story dolls: Treat your hair like an extension of you! Wrap it up in a bonnet, co wash it every two- three weeks, and don’t use too many heated styling tools—that will burn out your hair!



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