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Lash News

Lashes speak their own language weather it be a soft glam or fierce glam with all of one lash flutter. This will be your guide to Glammin Your Lash look.

The Falsie Glossary:

Strip Lashes: A classic falsie with a lash band made to extend from the inner to outer corner of your upper eyelid.

Color: Black lashes work on most people but dark brown lashes give a softer look.

Volume: The density of lashes on a strip, often labeled light, medium, or high (from least dramatic to most).

Cut: For a more natural look you will want a strip lashes with a variety of lengths and thickness, the way your real lashes are. For a fierce look get lashes that are longer on the ends or in the middle, with a jet black color and low sheen. 

Fit: Choose a band that is comfortable for your lash line. I always suggest that beginners start off with a light pair of strip lashes. Always make sure you chose a band that is flexible which makes it easy when applying. Thin lash lines are less noticeable than thicker ones. Strip lashes mostly extend longer than your natural lash line so it is important that you cut them for a perfect fit. Trim them with small scissors to get more of a precise cut.

Why Our 3D Glam Lashes?

Our mink lashes have a thinner band for maximum comfort. We only use human mink hairs because they are lightweight and mimic natural lashes' thickness and texture. You want lashes that are soft but don't give off high shine, and we pride our selves in that area. Shiny plastic lashes tend to look extra fake next to real hairs, no matter how much mascara you coat them with. We offer the best mink lashes!

The Sticky Situation

Finding the best glue for your strip lashes just became a lot easier. Look for a formula free of potential irritating formaldehyde and drying alcohol. Our favorite to use is Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive or Duo Dark Brush On Strip Lash Adhesive because they dry black and matte and stay hidden along the lash line. Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive strong hold can last up two days. Allows follow-up with an water-based eyeliner after applying lashes. Our favorite eyeliner to use Marc Jacobs gel eyeliner for a natural line or for a dramatic line use Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Fine- Point Eye Pen. Wax or oil-based liners, such as pencils or creams, can cause glue to break down.

Waste Not

Don't toss your lashes  at the end of the night you can rewear our lashes up to 32 times with proper care. Here's how: remove dried-on glue, press lashes between cotton pads soaked in oil-fee makeup remover (and makes it easy to remove used glue on the lashes) leave it on for 30 seconds and wipe it away.  This way removes the glue from your skin and lashes without any damage. Once your Glam'd lashes are dry, store them in their original packaging and they'll be ready again when you are! 


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