New New, Who Is Dis? Hair Trends for 2018

New New, Who Is Dis? Hair Trends for 2018

As women we love to change our looks. Different hair styles I know for me can make me go from ehhhh to ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. There are many hair trends, but I believe the more natural everyday looks are in full effect.

Bringing in the year with a BANG!

Pictured: @mimionalaja on Instagram

Bangs are the it thing for 2018! Whether you’re rocking long sleek hair with a bang or short, Bangs are so INNNNN. Try adding some luscious curls or wearing a high bun with your bangs and honey you will steal the show! One word comes to mind--  SHEEK!

Bob-Season is an all year affair

Pictured: @Vickyfbabyyy on Instagram

No one loves a good bob like me! I’m talking asymmetrical, layered or a hot blunt cut.  This face shaping cut has been seen worn by all of your favorite celebrities. From the Kardashian Clan to Taraji P Henson this is a killer everyday look. Blonde bobs and dark roots are becoming a winter and summer look for all! Add some curls to pump up the volume or some highlights and low lights to add a little drama!

Naomi Who?

Pictured: @jassy.up on Instagram

The signature long black hair middle part has supermodel Naomi Campbell written allllllll over it! This Natural hairstyle has been seen on literally EVERYONE! You can tuck it behind your ear to see those nice cheekbones or layer your long luxurious locks to accentuate your face! This look will have everyone saying Naomi who?!?!?!?!?!

Halle Berryyyyy Halle Berrrryyyyy


Pictured: @IamShadonnaDenise on Instagram

Pixie cuts are soooooooooooooooo in! If you want a look that’s going to boost your confidence and show everyone how daring, you are…. Cut it cut it (starts singing OT Genesis) This look will turn heads and you will command the room! Whether you go super short or kind of long pair your pixie cut with water and honey get those short curls popping!!!!! Men are loving this grown woman look!

Once you embrace Natural Hair you won't go back!

Pictured: @capturedby_yada on Instagram

Natural hair is all the craze this year! I'm seeing more women chop it all off and start growing out their natural curls. I've even joined the gang! Whether you're cutting it off because you want something different or you want to grow healthier hair this hair style is making a comeback and I love IT! So whether your going for Issa Rae's look or Tracee Ellis Ross's. Natural is it baby, so EMBRACE IT!



The way you style your hair determines everything about you. It determines how you dress, how you apply your makeup, and who you attract. Find a look that will compliment and accentuate your beautiful facial features. So you can dominate 2018! You are how you look, what you wear and how you carry yourself! Until next time loves.......



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