Want Confidence that Unlocks Doors?

Want Confidence that Unlocks Doors?

Hair Glam Confidence is part of owning who you are and not apologizing for it.

HG offers hair growth drops to wear your healthy and strong hair however you want, whether you are rocking braids, a braid out, or Bantu knots hold your shoulders back and your head up.

Our extensions are raw and organic offering the ability to color and style it however you like. Remember hold your shoulder back and your head up, you are about to own the room.

When you know that you've prioritized your self-care and style, there's nothing anyone can say to you that will shake you!

  1. Take the Lead Fully accept yourself to step into your confidence. Being a Black Woman is one of God's greatest gifts.
  2. Build the Foundation The Power of Routine could be your greatest success. The mind is the strongest part of your body. Workout even if you don't feel like it, set your mind to it to get it done. Having a rough day and tiring morning? I recommend using the Insight Timer meditation app. I even use this app to sleep especially when I go through insomnia. Always speak greatness over yourself and life, "I am who, I say I am because I believe this about myself" is the type of attitude I have towards myself and life. Get to the point by building your foundation and it starts with self-care.
  3. Level Up with Hair Glam If building your foundation starts with self-care, may I suggest starting with your crown of your natural hair with our growth drops? My go-to is to do a steam treatment with the drops after the hair is shampooed. I love a deep conditioning and a product to maintain the moisture in my hair during my multiple hairstyles. I like to manipulate my hair therefore I use extensions to protect my natural hair.

Get HairGlam'd, you won't regret it!


With much love,


Natalie Mitchell

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