We Still Shopping Black Owned!!

We Still Shopping Black Owned!!

You cannot fight change, Fall brings change in the annual shielding what is old so we can begin the work of growing into what is new.

This is the season of transition and evolution. On that note please make sure you are registered to vote. After that is taken care of, let's focus on your mind, body, and spirit. COVID has all both us to some form of struggle but we will continue to keep our spirits high. During this time, we all have seen us come together like no other. One of my favorite aspects of blackness is our all-encompassing spirit of innovation.  Even in the times of COVID-19, black people create and transform. A great example is a designer Anifa Muvemba of Hanita. She revolutionized the fashion industry with 3D virtual presentation of her Pink Label Congo collection. Hanifa staged a fashion show with a difference over Instagram Live, with ghost-like 3D renderings in place of models, and a pitch-black backdrop in place of a show space.

Being Black is tied to innovation, from our ancestors constructing the Pyramids of Giza to using braid styles as maps to help people escape slavery to building lifesaving technologies. One trend that I am loving right now is supporting black business and blackout Tuesday, we are showing our strength of the Black Dollar aka Black Power. Our greatness and innovation has shown to be necessary. We are evolving and our evolution has always been revolutionary. 


With much love,


Natalie Mitchell


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