Whip Lash!

Whip Lash!

Lash Extensions have taken over the beauty world, honey!  Women are leaning towards lash lifts, and extensions to enhance the appearance of longer and fuller  lashes over using mascara.

Beauty companies have sold over $8.1 billion worth of mascara last year, according to Euromonitor International. Its growth is expected to decline  from 4 percent in the last three years to 2 percent through 2021.

Whip Lash!

Mascara is the beauty industry's largest category. Lash treatments like lifts, extensions, and tinting, are on the rise as well!

Personally I’m a mascara junkie but I love the look of an amazing full lash! Hairglamd.com has great quality lashes that will have your eyes looking extremely flirty!

The “Cheer up” lash is a 100% Mink Lash. That can be reused up to 32 times that’s over 10x more than store brands.Whip Lash!

The “Felicity Lash” is also a 100% Mink Lash. It will give you the wispie look you are looking for if you’re more of a natural lash kind of girl but gives you just enough drama.Whip Lash!

The “Glam Fever Lash” is the most dramatic out of the three. This lash  screams “Im  that chick”!  This lash will take your look to the next level! Whip Lash!

Ladies go ahead and purchase these bomb ass lashes right here on the website under the shop tab! Until next time!

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